March 2016   Meetings in Progress

Productions from Coast-to-Coast

Here’s a peek at some of the exciting events Freeman Audio Visual has recently staged in Toronto.

“A Journey Back In Time” with Chelsea Toronto and Freeman

In celebration of the Chelsea Toronto’s recent 40th anniversary, Freeman Audio Visual Canada and the venue collaborated on an exclusive customer event to transport attendees back in time. Inspired by the British science-fiction series Dr. Who, Freeman built a TARDIS which is essentially a doorway to a time machine camouflaged as a telephone booth. To create the time machine, a 7’ x 20’ curved rear projection screen was built into a hard wall set. Elements of the time machine included a six-legged truss structure with 55” Samsung portrait-style monitors, LED video tiles secured to the ceiling of the structure, a centre chandelier piece designed with octostrip lighting pieces, and moving, coloured lights.

When attendees entered the time machine, they could choose which decade they wanted to visit from the 1970s to 2010s by entering their selection on a touch screen monitor. Suddenly, all the lights started flashing with mechanical whirring sound effects—a water-based haze machine enhanced the light beams and made the time-traveling experience feel more authentic. Music videos, newspaper articles, and other imagery from the era selected immersed attendees into the decade for about three minutes. The purpose of the time machine was to show customers that creating an experience for their own attendees is scalable and achievable when they partner with their AV providers from the very start.

Other sections of the event allowed the Chelsea Toronto to highlight additional services, like its newly renovated guestrooms and amazing cuisine, while Freeman highlighted an innovative LED wall food truck, various drapery and décor looks, and demos of Cumulus, our complimentary mobile app service offered at venues where we are in-house.

“I just love events like that, where they spur my creativity,” said Kristi Contini, Meetings and Events Manager, Grant Thornton LLP. “Really the best take away I can get from these things is for new and cool ideas that I can take back and use in my other events.”

The Canadian International AutoShow

Canada's largest auto show and one of its most prestigious consumer events, The Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) has been held in Toronto, Ontario, annually since 1974. Organizers sought to bring something fresh to the event that would increase the value of attendance for exhibitors, sponsors and visitors. With the AutoShow’s objective of an holistic engagement solution, Freeman Audio Visual Canada designed its largest social media wall to date—a 13’ x 20’ LDC video wall—as well as an 8’ x 12’ video wall—and placed them in high-traffic locations inside the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The screens allowed sponsors to prominently display advertising, exhibitors to address the audience through social media feeds, and attendees make comments, ask questions and post photos via Twitter and Instagram, creating more buzz for auto fans at home. The 43rd CIAS was a huge success, drawing in 320,000+ people and setting an overall attendance record. Organizers are currently in discussion with Freeman to determine how technology can be utilized to enhance the overall CIAS experience in 2017.

"The thinking and creative solutions presented by Freeman, utilizing the combination of current technology married to today's social tools and channels, created a new level of engagement with our attending audience and business partners," said CIAS Director of Marketing David McClean.

We would like to acknowledge the following Freeman Audio Visual staff and crew members for contributing to the success of these events: Andrew Gordon, Heidi Welker, Gary Scott, Chuck Corrigan, Darryl Matthews, Brian Johnson, Jeremy Charbonneau, Daniel Sonenberg, Josh Corriveau, Michael Duhacek, Eva Cherney, James Snoddy, Derek Anderson, Dianne King, Michael Corson, Ju-Hang Sin, Matt Jameson, Al Henderson, Taylor Lindsay, Olivia Stanton, Helana Hardy, Mike Fazio, Steve Zappulla, David Rusk, Andrew Gordon, Heidi Welker, Gary Scott, Robert Johnstone, Dave Pedro, Malcolm Payne and Rory Antel. Special thanks to Dan Ayerst and team at APG.