December/January 2013

Product Innovation Committee Update

In our AV Week Special Edition of Meetings in Progress, we officially announced the inception of our Product Innovation Committee. Formed in November 2011, AVW-TELAV’s Product Innovation Committee was created to ensure the steady development of new presentation solution offerings to anticipate, meet and exceed our customers’ evolving needs.

You’re in for a treat in this winter issue, as our Product Innovation Committee gives a sneak peek into three unique display technologies which were officially launched last week. Enjoy!

Picture-Perfect Video Walls

Looking to give your next meeting, special event or exhibit a maximum-impact, high-tech visual edge? Let us customize a video wall canvas of any size with flexible design options: think outside of the rectangle! Draw your attendees into your messaging and immerse them in resolution-rich imagery. Whether it’s one larger-than-life image synchronized to appear seamlessly across multiple displays, or various event bulletins, sponsorship ads and videos programmed to appear side-by-side simultaneously, AVW-TELAV has a diverse selection of video wall solutions, including 60” plasma, 46” LCD and 42” plasma flat-screen displays.

•Ideal for indoor spaces with fairly high levels of ambient light where projection does not work well
•Virtually-seamless design
•Superior picture quality and performance
•Multiple options for content delivery
•Large-scale installations deliverable in challenging spaces
•A variety of configurations available

Just-a-Touch Interactive Technology

Imagine the speaker at your next event breezing confidently through a presentation without fumbling with a pointer or tinkering with a mouse and keyboard, moving smoothly from one slide to the next with just a stroke of the screen, zooming in on key information by simply pinching his fingers on the display, dynamically interacting with his presentation material and manipulating objects onscreen with the touch of his hand. For more than 50 years, we have enhanced the power of your messages by providing the right presentation technology solutions for your meetings, special events and trade shows. Our touch screen display technology is just another offering designed to enhance your communication.

AVW-TELAV offers you the following touch screen solutions for your next event:

Overlay Touch – 32”, 42”, 52”
•Add-on touch screen overlay to be used over an existing flat panel display (not included)
•Ideal for meetings and classrooms
•Large, clear screen for optimal viewing
•Allows presenters to create more dynamic, engaging presentations
•Effective teaching and product demonstration tool

LED/LCD monitor with integrated touch technology – 70”
•Ideal for meetings, classrooms, webinars, videoconferencing, interactive signage monitor for wayfinding and other interactive applications
•Brilliant full HD colour images
•Energy-efficient white LEDs provide uniform brightness and enhanced legibility of text
•Can be used as a white board, data display for presentations

Walk-Through Walls!

At your next event, give your audience the most memorable entrance and exit of their lives with a wondrous walk-through projection screen. Also known as a fog screen, this offering will definitely add an enchanting
aura to any meeting environment. Walls of fog that are solid enough to display clear, vibrant images—curtains of vapor so thin they can be penetrated without any blockage or vapor residue, this award-winning, innovative projection screen technology creates magical experiences and incredible visual effects.

•Awe factor that captivates your audience
•Creates holographic special effects
•Great for meeting room and exhibit environments

Have we piqued your interest? In 2013, we will continue to keep you posted on the latest developments and product launches from our Product Innovation Committee. Contact your AVW-TELAV Account Executive for details on the solutions above and other innovative services we can provide for you next event.